Monday, August 3, 2009

Broken Space Schedule

Just posted this on augi but it seems like a good blog post as well. I uploaded an example there with some broken spaces and schedules.

Problem: I sometimes have trouble finding all the spaces that cause errors after an architectural model update. There are redundant spaces, unbounded spaces, spaces that are now between walls, etc. If only there was a way to get Revit to produce a list of these so I can use the Show... feature and hunt them all down.

Solution: Broken Space Schedule. A simple schedule where spaces with areas greater than 1 square foot filtered out. According to Revit "Not Enclosed < 1 ft^2" and "Redundant < 1 ft^2", thank goodness Revit doesn't do calculus. The 1 sqft is arbitrary, you could use 5 or 10 sqft if you want to find uselessly small spaces as well as broken ones.

Sometime I call it a "Deviant Space Schedule" so users don't think think the actual schedule is broken and delete it.

1 comment:

  1. In the ribbon there is a built in filter to hide or isolate 'un-placed' and 'un-enclosed' rooms.
    Its also possible to group/sort by Area which will display these values for broken rooms.
    The special schedule is a great idea. Workign views are not just for graphical views.